Suprayas Annual Day Celebration - 2013

On 2nd January we celebrated the first anniversary for Suprayas Center of excellence at the community center of Jal Vayu Vihar sector 21 Noida. The event was graced by members, close associates and well wishers for the organization, who came together in congratulating and acknowledging the various achievements the organization has accomplished over this period. It was a platform where the esteemed guests from other organizations came forward and encouraged the team of Suprayas with their valuable experience and insight to further excel and accelerate the organization’s growth.

The program was initiated by the warm and encouraging words from the president, Mrs. Poonam Jain, who introduced the members of suprayas and congratulated the team on their stellar performance for the first year. She also briefly outlined the organization’s growth plan for the coming year and the challenges that lay ahead.

Mrs. Poonam Jain honored the chief guest for the afternoon, Mayor Supriya Aaron, who spoke words of encouragement for the team of Suprayas. She acknowledged the endeavor the organization strives for, i.e. to equip the youth of the nation with employable skills that will assist them to support themselves and their families to build a stronger economy and a safe nation.

The proceedings for the program was then handed to Mr. Navneet Suneja, VP Institutional Alliances. Mr. Navneet presented a detailed introduction to the idea and hands that conceptualized and conceived the organization. He delved into the various aspects to the functioning of the system, the achievements and challenges that lay ahead. He talked about the various institutes that are currently associated with Suprayas, as mentioned below:
  • SKIT College (Jaipur)
  • NCR Corporation
  • Samuel Foundation
  • Fast booking
  • Jamia Islamia University
  • Swayam Shakti Foundation
  • Shaan India Foundation
  • Lakshay Foundation ( Bihar)
  • Birla Institute of Technology (Bihar)
Additionally he emphasized the need for quality trainers for the process. In this respect he introduced the “train the trainer” program from Suprayas, wherein the trainers are require to undergo stringent tests to maintain the quality of the trainings imparted. Further he explained the projects that are in pipeline for the coming year.

The projects include:
  • Photography lessons
  • Public speaking lessons
These are soft skills that will enable and enhance youth employment opportunities. Finally, Mr. Navneet Suneja handed the baton once again to Mrs. Poonam Jain, who opened the house for suggestions and to share valuable experiences with the team.

The first speaker to grace the podium with their insight and expertise was Mr. Ashok Srivastava, President Navratan Foundation. Mr. Ashok spoke soulfully, inspiring the audience with his story of the conception of Navratan foundation. He minutely described his journey into building and growing the foundation to its current stature, describing in detail the trials and tribulations he faced in the process. He highlighted the various activities and projects the foundation provides to enable the youth to showcase their talent. Navratan foundation also holds vocational classes for sewing; these classes have enabled many young participants to acquire jobs with the export companies in and around Noida. Overall the speech of Mr. Ashok Srivastava was very inspiring and riveting.

Next on the podium was Mr. Ramneesh Tangri – VP, Society for Human Alliance Need (SHAN INDIA), amongst the many activity that Mr. Tangri is involved with, he also runs a shelter for stray cows. He briefed the audience on his efforts to rehabilitate stray cows, and congratulated Suprayas in their many endeavors and for a bright future.

Mrs. Shailaja, a member of Suprayas shared her experience of imparting education to underprivileged youth. She emphasized the need to educate women and shared her experience in the regards.

Also, another member of Suprayas, Mrs. Swati, related her experience of association with Satya Sai Sanstha, wherein they collect raw condiments and distribute amongst needy every month.

Finally, Mrs. Poonam Jain opened the house for suggestions and comments. The audience actively and enthusiastically participated in sharing their experiences of goodwill towards society. It was an inspiring and soul stirring session. The afternoon ended on a high note with a cake cutting ceremony on occasion of the first anniversary of Suprayas followed by high tea. The group finally had a photo session at the wrap of the event.

Be a part of Suprayas
Our heartiest congratulations on the completion of one year of the wonderful work being done by you. Unfortunately, we would not be able to be physically present at the event but our blessings and wishes are with you all.
Samuel Foundation
Neha Tiwari - Country Director
I would like to thank you for your wonderful session for my students at SKIT. Student's performance after your session has been very good in campuses of Infogain and also TCS. We will be taking advantage of your sessions in future too.
SKIT College, Jaipur
Prof. M.L.Bhargava

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